Top 10 Halloween Fitness Games

Are you having a party this Halloween? Then be sure to have some Halloween games that add to fitness as the kids have fun during festivities! Keep them moving! We are here to help by giving you the top 10 Halloween fitness games. Read below to learn about the fitness games!

Monster Freeze Dance

Play some Halloween seasonal tunes such as Monster Mash. Allow the kids to show off their best monster dance moves. They have to freeze in place whenever the music stops. Keep the kids on their toes!

Snap Apple

Do not let the kids go bobbing for apples, let them try snapping a bite from an apple that hangs from a string. It works better than bobbing for apples because it keeps costumes or face paint looking great. Make sure the apples have stems so you can tie string to the stems. Loop the string around a tree branch or broomstick.

Capture the Ghost.

Have a classic backyard game of Capture the Flag! Make it a ghostly theme! You can use white handkerchiefs for flags. The white handkerchiefs for flags adds more of a challenge to the classic game because the teams will have a hard time telling flags apart from each other.

Relay Races

Allow the kids to creatively run relay races by making them stagger like zombies, fly on broomsticks like witches, and hop like frogs!

Pumpkin Bowling

Gather small pumpkins. Set up 1- or 2- liter plastic bottles and make a starting line to make an instant bowling alley. Fill the bottles with sand or rice to prevent them from easily toppling over.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Let the kids roam the yard or house for skeleton parts. You can cut paper and use plastic ones purchased from a toy store or craft shop.

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